Cytidine Based Amino Linker

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Catalog No.
BGX 2599 (For Applied Biosystems and MilliGen 8800, 8700, and 8600 DNA Synthesizers) CYC 2599 (For MilliGen/ Biosearch Cyclone and Expedite DNA Synthesizers)

Product Name
N-Linker-C-Amidite (N4-LCA-5-MethyldeoxyCytidine CED phosphoramidite)

Formula MW
C50H65F3N7O9P 996.1

White to off-white powder

Storage Conditions
Store desiccated at -20°C.

Dissolve in appropriate amount of acetonitrile per instructions given in your automated DNA synthesizer manual.

Catalog No. Quantity Acetonitrile Needed

for 0.1M

2599-01 0.1 g 1.00 mL
2599-025 0.25 g 2.51 mL
2599-05 0.5 g 5.02 mL
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Additional information


0.05 mmol, 0.05 mmol (43mg), 0.05 mmol (53mg), 0.10 mmol, 0.10 mmol (105mg), 0.10 mmol (85mg), 0.25 g, 1 gram, 100 umol, 250 mgm

Acetonitrile Needed for 0.1M

0.5 mL, l.0mL, 3.0 mL


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