6-Carboxytetrachlorofluorescein-HX-CED Phosphoramidite®

CatalogNo. Quantity Acetonitrile Needed for 0.1M
3028-005 0.05 mmol (50mg) 0.5 mL
3028-01 0.10 mmol (100mg) l.01nL
3028-025 0.25 g 2.6 1nL

Catalog No: BGX-3028 (for Applied Biosystems and MilliGen 8800, 8700 and 8600 DNA Synthesizers)
Formula: C46H54N3O10Cl4P
MW: 981.73
Description: White to light pink powder
Storage Conditions: Store desiccated at -20 °C
Procedure: Dissolve in appropriate amount of acetonitrile per instruction given in your automated DNA synthesizer manual. 3 minute coupling time is recommended. For deprotection, no changes are needed from standard method.